Debunking Myths of Active Chilled Beams, Part 1

SmithGroup engineer Fletcher J. Clarcq teamed up to test active chilled beams. Testing determined concerns about the rate of condensation formation were unfounded, giving project teams a reason to reconsider using this high-performance system.

Below is an excerpt from the full article:

"The test results clearly illustrate, should space dew point exceed Active Chilled Beams (ACB) supply chilled water temperatures, that ACBs can operate at or somewhat below room dew point for longer periods of time than presumed before condensation occurs at a level to be of concern. Furthermore, it proves that it takes many hours before condensation water droplets become large enough to fall from wetted surfaces, confirming humidity control strategies, when properly defined, have more than adequate time to respond to rapid latent load swings to prevent condensation."

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