Reinventing and Creating Communities: The Urban Dilemma



Chicago Metropolis Event Chicago SmithGroup

Join Metropolis and SmithGroup for a Think Tank discussion on Reinventing and Creating Communities: The Urban Dilemma.

The idea of community is often generalized and misunderstood—it is a complex phenomenon that can be shaped by many different factors. Those seeking to ground the development of the modern city on a foundation of community vibrancy and engagement often convey a singular idea of “community”: an urban DNA that expresses an entire city’s life and potential. So when should development focus on reinvestment in an existing community or shift direction to appeal to a new demographic, and what are the social and economic repercussions on the surrounding urban fabric? From neighborhood redevelopment efforts in Chicago, to new cities built around economic opportunities in Asia, panelists will discuss the challenging issues posed and faced by contemporary community development.