The Expanding Design Challenges of Climate Change

Van Alen climate Council food system site visit

The Van Alen Institute's Climate Council is a diverse collection of architects, engineers, landscape architects, planners and researchers who are exploring  the critical issues surrounding climate change and offering insights on how design can help create more sustainable, resilient and thriving communities. As a member of the council, Steven Baumgartner (along with Todd Kohli), had the opportunity to participate in a trip to the Central Valley region of California to explore the complexities of our food systems. In this blog post from Van Alen's website, Steven shares his experiences from this trip, covering the intricacies of this issue and demonstrating a relationship to the impact of catastrophic events like the nearby Campfire wildfires.

Van Alen Climate Council site visit

The council members learn about the complexities of our food systems.

Campfire wildfires aftermath

After the fires, only the chimneys remain in this neighborhood in Paradise, California.

Campfire wildfires Paradise California

A sign of nature returns in the aftermath of the Campfire wildfires.