MediDesis Concept a Semifinalist in HCD Breaking Through Competition

MediDesis HCD Breaking Through 2022


MediDesis, a medical ecosystem leveraging the metaverse to overcome inequities in access to healthcare, developed by a team at SmithGroup, was selected a first round semifinalist in Healthcare Design magazine's 2022 Breaking Through competition.

The Breaking Through competition encourages design innovation by asking teams to develop concepts solving the challenges anticipated in the future delivery of care, without the typical restricting constraints of budget, schedule, codes, etc. HCD has hosted their Breaking Through competition twice previously, and SmithGroup's IdeaLab concept was a second-round participant in the inaugural competition in 2018 and the firm’s Fare2Care concept was awarded second place in its 2020 competition.

The members of the SmithGroup team for the MediDesis concept are Scott Abernethy, Nuti Dave, Alexus Davis, Jordan Kravitz, Joanna Luh and Shannon Vaughn, and are supported by advisors Karthik Ramadurai, Heather Chung, Lyle Steely, Erin McNamara and Wayne Barger.

Second round finalist teams will unveil their concepts at the upcoming Healthcare Design Expo and Conference, after which attendees will vote on one concept to receive a $10,000 prize. The winner will be revealed in the December issue of Healthcare Design magazine, with features of all finalists.