Alexis Denton

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Alexis has a passion: to "make aging cool," and she’s already making a mark. With dual master’s degrees in architecture and gerontology, she brings a holistic approach to designing senior living environments. She has worked on numerous senior-focused communities, and serves on the AIA Design for Aging Advisory Group. "People have an image of what senior living looks like, so I love showing them how fantastic those communities can be," she says. "There’s a huge potential to do innovative and meaningful work." Alexis almost became a university professor. "I found nothing more fun than being challenged by students," she says. "Their questions made me think very differently and solidify my opinions about environmental gerontology." She describes her work style as "kind of like playing baseball. There’s a lot of casual thinking and collaborating as a team, followed by short bursts of individual intensity. When you’re up to bat, it’s on."