Allison Marusic

  • Allison Marusic Headshot Landscape Architecture
  • Allison Marusic Detroit

Attend a gathering of park professionals and “You’ll want to high-five everyone in the room,” asserts Allison. “Parks are universally beloved spaces, accessible to all regardless of age, ability or economics. It’s inspiring and impactful work, done by people who love parks as much as you do.” Allison is proud that her body of work—including favorite projects like Toledo’s Glass City Metropark—doesn’t reflect a specific style. “It shouldn’t be the same signature moves appearing everywhere, but a thoughtful, beautiful design each time that responds to each unique place in a unique way,” she suggests. Already holding an undergrad degree in horticulture, Allison was drawn to what she describes as landscape architecture’s combination of “arts and sciences, design and craft.” Other crafts draw her in, too. She’s long been a quilter, “But I never use patterns,” she says. “I like to figure it out as I go.”