Ashley Schmidt

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  • washington, dc

Ashley says she’s forever thankful to one of her college professors, who, for the course final, "paid for each of us to go to a business gala and made sure we came back with new connections, business cards, and a brighter future," Ashley recalls. "It taught me a very valuable lesson about how to hold a conversation with an executive and build my network." Years later, one of the people she met at that gala helped guide her into the A/E/C industry. "I always loved to listen and wanted to be peoples advocate," she says. "When I found myself in business development, I realized I found a career that allowed me to truly be myself." What’s more, Ashley adds, "Working with healthcare, knowing we make a difference in the way people receive care and heal, really makes me proud of what I do." Ashley reveals that her "truly favorite thing to do is laugh." She’s been known to sing loudly in her car to 80s music, and watch any kind of movie "that reminds me to smile and not take life that seriously."