Brooke Smith

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  • Detroit, MI
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As senior project manager, Brooke has been guiding projects long enough to share a few truths. "The process of working with people doesn’t really change," he notes. "While you may need to adapt your style given the range of personalities, in the end you always need to be a good listener and be prepared to offer positive contributions." He willingly takes on the role of SmithGroup cheerleader, too. "I constantly remind our people that we are among the best, and everyone needs to commit themselves to living up to the brand message." Brooke says his favorite type of project is one "that demands a unique level of creativity and problem-solving skills, regardless of size or budget. And I occasionally pull out a roll of trace, a couple of markers and start sketching—much to the chagrin of many folks, I’m sure." One of these days, Brooke would like to travel through the Greek Isles and visit "some of the most beautiful place on earth, including beaches, ancient civilizations and people."