Cynthia Pozolo

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  • Detroit, MI
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A senior project manager in Detroit, Cynthia appreciates the individuality she sees reflected throughout the profession. "The geographic and cultural diversity of this profession validates that it has lots of room for individuality," she says. "Demonstrating that respect for individuality has enabled many colleagues to thrive beyond scripted, traditional practice. Success is defined by how well you travel the path you’ve chosen, and whether you are willing to support others along theirs." She believes in trusting your intuition, too. She appreciates the Malcolm Gladwell book Blink, because "it validated the relevance of intuition in decision making, when built upon a strong foundation of education and experience," she explains. Another experience Cynthia would like to have is "a long vacation to explore family history and lineage." At home in Michigan, meanwhile, she happily tends to her garden.