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“There’s no typical day in Business Development, and that’s what keeps it exciting,” says Darryl. “My day can start with an early networking breakfast, move on to a business luncheon with 200 people in the room, and finish with a black-tie formal event that evening.” Or, he adds, it can be hours of research to learn about client, or spending time with the marketing team to craft proposals and presentations. “I work with others in the office to pursue new clients and projects, and work with potential clients to make sure that we’re a good fit for them.” The ideal match, he says, comes when “the prospective client values SmithGroup’s experience, innovation and quality of services.” And how does Darryl celebrate a job well done? “By letting the team know what a great job they did winning a new project or new client,” he responds. “Then I move on to find the next opportunity.”