Erik Terry

  • Erik Terry Lab Planner Science Technology Washington DC SmithGroup
  • Erik Terry Lab Planning Science Technology Washington DC SmtihGroup

As a senior laboratory planner, Erik strives to get clients thinking differently about their lab environment. “It’s not just the physical facility that drives change and innovation,” he suggests, “but also how they organize themselves and work together that can be truly paradigm shifting.” Erik frequently speaks and writes about laboratory design. He’s an avid proponent of reducing energy consumption in labs and animal facilities, and the importance of animal enrichment and social housing. “The planning and design work we do can have a direct impact on the improvement of human and animal health,” he notes. Outside the office, Erik stays busy in his spare time, training and coaching academy-level soccer. “I always try to impress upon the kids the importance of working together toward a common goal,” Coach Erik says. “Success is based on the team, not an individual.”