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"I’ve focused my career on the idea of social good," avows Gabe. "Helping people heal, find respite, safety—every human is entitled to these qualities of life." Early in his career, Gabe worked on an affordable housing project with 140 units. "That meant 140 people had a home that provided them shelter and educational and community space. I knew from then on that I wanted to continue to use my work to help others. Ever since, I’ve been able to give back through architecture." Much of his work at SmithGroup, he says, involves designing places that help others, such as hospitals, churches and affordable housing. Outside of work, Gabe enjoys swimming, books by John Steinbeck and the idea of getting out of his comfort zone somewhere like Alaska. "As much as I like helping humankind," he says, "I find it soothing to be somewhere that makes you feel insignificant compared with the world around you."