Hank Byma

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Hank possesses over 25 years of experience and has been at the forefront of the firm's real estate and property development practice, designing and planning a diverse array of spaces and destinations. As a senior landscape architect and Director of Operations for work in China, Hank sees all his projects through the eyes of someone interacting with the space. "I like to think about the people who can have memorable experiences in the environments we are working on," he remarks. "I love solving problems and helping our clients realize their dreams - to see their genuine satisfaction when the ultimate project emerges." While there's a lot of serious science behind these lovely places, Hank never loses sight of the simple pleasures of the outdoors. "There is no substitute for having all your senses engaged," says the avid outdoorsman. "Each site has a unique set of characteristics. I always look forward to creating the next meaningful experience." He's brought this same dedication to creating veterans memorials and places of rest, becoming one of the leading national cemetery designers in the United States.