Jeff Flicker

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  • Washington, DC
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From the day he started in architecture, Jeff says integrated design has been his preferred approach. "We must understand all the variables that affect the best outcome," he says. Foremost among them, he adds, are clients. "Clients are the largest variable. A full understanding of client values, expectations and goals is essential. No two clients are alike, so no two buildings are alike." Jeff admits that he appreciates the challenge of projects that are complicated as well as collaborative. He seems drawn to the same qualities in film, professing an interest in sweeping epics from Sir David Lean, who directed Doctor Zhivago, Lawrence of Arabia and others. "The cinematography is unmatched," he suggests. When it comes to his own scenic journeys, Jeff would head off for "some wonderfully ancient, off-the-beaten-path village," but he’s also content to enjoy the simple pleasures of his own backyard.