Jessie Fink

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Every few years, Jessie returns to her high school to speak to the drafting class about her career as a landscape architect. That’s where she developed an interest in the field years ago, while working on a report about drafting-related professions. Jessie seems to have discovered both a vocation and an avocation. "I was thrilled there was a job that blended my love for the outdoors and nature with design and creativity," she says. Jessie particularly enjoys waterfront and wetlands work.  She takes pride in her work on SmithGroup projects such as the Clarksville Liberty Park and Marina in Tennessee, which took an underutilized city park and transformed it into a beloved regional destination. "We can make the world a better place to live, one project at a time," she notes. "Every project can take steps, no matter how small, to reduce our impacts on the environment and make it function better."