John McDonald

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John directs his engineering talents to projects such as chemistry and biology labs, vivaria and containment facilities. "I enjoy the technical challenge," he says, "and seeing science and learning that are at the cutting edge." He’s especially drawn to "projects that make a difference—be it a research space for a pharmaceutical, university or STEM program—with a team willing to work to generate the best possible result." He brings particular expertise in sustainable systems for research facilities, including the use of chilled beams and radiant cooling systems. John has spent most of his life along the Pacific Rim. He was raised as an army brat in California, graduated from Cal Poly, worked on engineering projects in Japan, and joins SmithGroup in the San Francisco office. Some of his interests, however, lie across the Atlantic: He’d like to hike the Shetland and Orkney Islands of Scotland, and is mastering the culinary art of homemade prosciutto.