Johnny Wong

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  • San Francisco, CA
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Growing up in Hong Kong, Johnny’s first exposure to architecture was the 1960s sitcom Mr. Ed—a show about an architect who shared a friendship with a talking horse—dubbed in Chinese. "Wilbur the architect would come up with an idea, sometimes the horse’s idea, prepare presentation drawings and sell it to the client. Nice and simple," Johnny recalls. Johnny’s role designing research and technology projects is a bit more complex. "It can be very technical," he notes. "My role is to provide the vision and leadership to the team of experts. I try hard to make sure projects meet the programming and functional requirements. I try even harder to offer something more, something immeasurable. To me, that is the opportunity of architecture." Johnny also devours history books and films, and contemplated becoming a filmmaker. "I find a lot of similarities between an architect and a filmmaker," he notes. "Like a filmmaker, we provide a vision for a project, both enjoy and influences the public."