Jon Hoffschneider

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  • Washington, DC
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Growing up in New York City, Jon recalls watching the construction of the World Trade Center, day by day, as he walked to school. It fueled an interest in design and construction that never waned. "I have been busy and intrigued by my work every day since I graduated from college 30 years ago," he says. "Architecture serves both my head and my heart." Working in healthcare is particularly poignant. "I participate in the design and construction of spaces experienced by people in the full range of human emotion, from the joy of childbirth to the dreadfulness of illness," he notes. "When a space works, it helps the occupant heal and focus and maintain his or her dignity." Jon values the collaborative aspect of his profession, and of music: He plays guitar and piano, sometimes forming bands with coworkers. "Music relaxes me, inspires me and allows me to interact with people in a creative way," he says, "much like my job as an architect."