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As a project manager in San Francisco, Kathryn views her role as the liaison between the client and SmithGroup’s healthcare team. “It’s my job to connect with professionals across the firm and tap into their specialized knowledge and expertise to solve any issues that arise, “Kathryn says.  “I like projects where I can engage with clients and dig into details about both the design and the process, as opposed to a standard project delivery method.”   She had such an opportunity for collaboration with Sutter Health’s California Pacific Medical Center at Van Ness and Geary, where she used Integrated Lean Project Delivery to create a “superblock” of medical care in San Francisco’s tight urban setting. Kathryn appreciates the 1950s for the decade’s “can do” attitude that persisted after WWII, and she likes to approach her work in that same spirit.  She slows the pace in her free time by cooking and knitting. “I like doing things with my hands,” says Kathryn, “creating something that’s different than pen to paper, yet still an original expression of me.”