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Best to leave Larry deep in thought first thing in the morning. “That’s when I solve my trickiest problems,” he explains. “I work in a more collaborative environment in the afternoon, tackling technical challenges with my teammates.” From the Chicago office, Larry provides leadership for the firm’s mechanical engineering service for the healthcare practice, a field that appeals to him both for its core mission and its ever-present challenge. “The technical rigor of designing, documenting and building facilities that are energy- and water-intensive, owner-occupied, and 24/7/52 operations invigorates me,” he remarks. After an invigorating day on the job, Larry gets an enthusiastic greeting from his English Cocker Spaniels, which he and his family breed. One of these days, Larry hopes to travel back to Asia. “I’ve traveled extensively through China, but I’ve never been to Hong Kong,” he explains. “I’d like to travel there with my wife, so she could share her experiences of when she lived there in high school.”