Mackenzie Haehl

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  • Mackenzie Haehl SmithGroup Phoenix Business Development

Mackenzie set off on an interesting career path after graduating with a Studio Art degree from Tulane: She became a commercial art consultant, outfitting offices, hospitals and senior living communities with custom art. She particularly appreciated the impact art could have in senior living facilities, assisting and engaging its residents with wayfinding and interactive features. Then a funny thing happened. “I realized what I really loved about the process was the buildings themselves,” recalls Mackenzie. “So much consideration went into every design decision. Everything from the flooring to the types of windows selected has the power to impact someone greatly. I’m drawn to those discussions about how we can make spaces more functional, beautiful and engaging.” Mackenzie has lived all over the country—“just about all four corners,” she says. Now she’s happy to put down roots in Phoenix, where she keeps in touch with her artistic side by knitting and oil painting.