Martin Denholm

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  • Washington, DC
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Ask where he'd most like to go, and Marty cites the International Space Station. "I'd spend the time just taking in the entire planet below and everything else," he muses, "to deepen our appreciation of our little speck of the universe and our little blip of time in it." With more than 35 years as an architect and urban planner, Marty has come to discover "how the work of a career fits into the larger picture. I appreciate contributing something worthwhile and lasting." Marty's portfolio includes many significant projects requiring a high level of security, including U.S. embassies; he was integral in developing a building rating system for anti-terrorism security. Marty feels a particular pride in SmithGroup's long-term work on the Eisenhower Executive Office Building. "The building has served as a nerve center of the nation for 140 years. Our work preserving and updating the facility ensures that it can continue in that role for the foreseeable future."