Michael Kang

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  • Washington, DC
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Michael leads SmithGroup's design review committee, which ensures that all the firm's projects live up to the highest design quality standards. He applies the same discerning eye to his own work. Michael has served as principal designer on many of SmithGroup's most notable international projects: the award-winning Postech Digital Library at the Pohang University of Science and Technology in Korea, and Shuguang Hospital in Pudong, China, the country's first to combine the practices of Chinese and Western medicine. SmithGroup was selected as the planning and design architect for the China project as a result of an international design competition among leading healthcare architects. Michael thrives on challenging design problems, and suggests that "patience is the companion of wisdom." He would find it fulfilling, he says, to use his skills to "build hospitals and clinics for the needy in poor countries. I would love to be a philanthropist and entrepreneur."