Michael Paul Krug

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  • Detroit, MI
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Michael’s role as an architectural group leader is a varied one. He is continually collaborating with all design disciplines as part of multiple project teams, interacting with clients, and orchestrating the development of conceptual and technical design drawings and imagery. He particularly enjoys tackling what he describes as "multiple scales of design." He explains, "the client may have a particular design problem to solve, but it’s exciting to help them see the bigger picture and transcend what they thought was possible. I’m always looking for ways to innovate—conceiving of new ways to solve design problems—and capitalize on every opportunity I am given." When Michael was voted "most organized" in high school, what did he do with the honor? He turned it into a business idea, his Most Organized (patent pending) series of sketchbooks and planners. "The development has continued for more than 17 years now," he reports. "They’re continually being optimized to fit the way I work and think."