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“I begin to understand a country from the moment I taste its food. My mouth waters as I brace myself for waves of salt, sweet and spice. Each bite tells a cultural story of generations - a glimmer of its soul. This is why I travel. This is why I love food.” This same immersive and curious spirit is the secret behind Rana’s success as director of business development. When designing a client experience, she’s fully invested in understanding everything about their business – from their point of view. Rana's an advocate for clients and colleagues, empowering them to imagine bigger futures and greater outcomes. She sees possibilities and doesn’t hesitate to explore ideas – and sometimes with untraditional partners. When Rana wanted a better understanding of hospital campuses, she teamed with Mr. Potato Head to map the patient journey from parking lot to waiting room. Those unique insights led to a series of conversations with hospital leaders about patient-centered care. When she’s not thinking about clients, you’ll find her on the golf course imagining the perfect shot, while at the same time mentoring a young female caddy.