Rob Moylan

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Rob is SmithGroup’s corporate director of interiors, a position he’s well-suited for given his strategic, yet creative approach to the design process. Rob is passionate about approaching interior architecture with sustainability front of mind.  He has designed more than 1.3 million square feet of LEED certified interiors projects for corporate headquarters, associations, and non-profits—including the Exelon Baltimore Headquarters at nearly half a million square feet, one of the largest LEED-CI Platinum projects in the world. Ultimately, for Rob great interior design is about the experience of the user. "I like that architecture is an art form that people experience by inhabiting it," Rob notes. "The way people use and engage a space has everything to do with its success." Rob particularly enjoys spending time with clients "figuring out what they need to drive forward success in their business." His kids unknowingly contribute to his creative process too. "They see things so differently than adults," he remarks. "It’s good to step back and look at the world with fresh eyes every once in a while."