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Shary describes herself as "a closet artist," which aligns nicely with her vocation. "I think of architecture as a tangible art form," remarks Shary, who, incidentally, draws art with her left hand and architecture with her right. "I see architects not as designers of buildings, but as social thinkers and organizers of information. I’m always asking, ‘What’s the story or message or value added?’" In healthcare today, the story is its shift from "sick care to wellness, from me to we," Shary explains. "The constant change in healthcare delivery requires not just flexibility but adaptability, to make designs last beyond the next trend." Speaking of lasting design, Shary personally responds to the beauty in designs like Henri Labrouste’s Paris Bibliothèque Sainte-Geneviève, which she calls "both theoretical and literal." Closer to home, she’s inspired by Santa Fe. "When I moved there, I started painting again," she says. "The colors and the light were fantastic!"