Steven Baumgartner

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Steven is an engineer and urban systems and infrastructure strategist widely recognized for delivering creative, value-led district, campus and city solutions for an ever-changing world. In his role, he focuses on connecting the technical world of complex urban systems with people-based solutions. "I want to challenge the traditional ‘solutions’ that got us here in the first place," Steven remarks. "Addressing difficult problems in our cities and campuses requires connecting diverse voices and perspectives, distilling what’s important to them and designing systems that perform – now and in the future. I also love challenging ‘scale’ -  finding systems solutions across traditional boundaries of buildings, campuses and cities." Steven has a rich history of creating unique solutions to assist his clients in meeting their high-performance, economic and strategic missions.  He is based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and frequently speaks and writes about sustainable building and low-carbon districts and campuses, and lectures regularly throughout the country.