Susan Arneson

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With two degrees in biology, Susan's first job was working as a chemist in a lab. Her greatest discovery? That she enjoyed the client interaction and sales side of the business. She returned to graduate school for an MBA and has worked in marketing and sales for technical professional services firms ever since. As SmithGroup's Vice President of Marketing & Communications, Susan oversees firmwide strategic marketing initiatives, including brand management, website, corporate communications, client satisfaction, and marketing staff development. "Don't be afraid of trying something new," she suggests. "And don't be afraid to ask questions. It shows you're interested and want to learn." Perhaps working with architects was her destiny: Susan grew up in rural Wisconsin, near Frank Lloyd Wright's Taliesin. "I heard stories about him from my aunts and uncles," she recalls. "He was such a colorful character who reinvented himself several times over his career-the consummate marketer!"