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Anthony, or Tony as most know him, is the Higher Education studio leader at the Chicago office. If you didn’t already guess Tony’s heritage from his name, you’ll know from his interests: he speaks Italian, cans about 12 bushels worth of tomato sauce every fall, and if he weren’t a successful architect, "I would run a café with a small bakery—while learning about wine. The Italian grandmas would do the baking along with my amazing wife." Lucky for us, Tony selected his current career path, thanks in part to his uncle. "I was always building things in the garage, but the magic happened when my uncle showed me how to draw a ‘perspective’ - which was really an axon," he notes. "I was hooked." He is an active leader in the Chicago design community, having served as both president of the Chicago chapter of the American Institute of Architects and as a part-time professor of architecture at the Illinois Institute of Technology. Tony also makes time to enjoy Chicago’s famed skyline in his free time. "A perfect day is a family museum trip with a picnic near the lake," he suggests.