Vlad Torskiy

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“I’m a perpetual learner," states Vlad, an observation readily reflected in his resume: Vlad holds four master’s degrees—in architecture, healthcare administration, fine arts, and urban design/architecture—earned from academic institutions in the Ukraine, Israel and US. It all intersects beautifully in his role as the firm’s Health Strategy leader. "Working in healthcare architecture and planning integrates my passion towards natural sciences, data modeling and analytics, research and teaching serving people and their communities," Vlad remarks. “It allows one to be part of the process and creation of a healing environment." Throughout his career, Vlad has stayed true to his core passion of architecture’s ability to impact healing and wellness with over two decades of experience specifically in strategy, operations, and master planning. “In my mind, I am an architect who creates long term vision of empathetic environments and experiences in healthcare, while acting as a translator of patients, family and staff needs into physical space, and supporting it with data. In my heart, I am a human and a patient whose surroundings are created by architects.”