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Every workplace is different, and therefore, every workplace design solution is different. For many companies, the infusion of such limitless recreational opportunities would be a hindrance to employee productivity. However, after talking at length with this tech pioneer, we found that an intra-office work/play balance was necessary. Through careful design and deliberation, we envisioned a space whose function would be ever-changing. 




Tempe, Arizona


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Innovating for customers begins with employees. According to GoDaddy — a company who aims to empower individuals to run their own business — the creativity that fuels its clients also powers its staff. That’s why the old offices of the tech pioneer were no longer sufficient. Cubicles and bland colors stifled their brand and stunted their creative process, engulfing staffers with an air of mediocrity. Like much of the tech world, GoDaddy’s team works long hours. Employees would have to either be hard at work at their desks, or taking a break in the kitchen, or outside of the building.

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Our team was brought into completely change the work environment for its employees. A versatile space was designed that could facilitate focus, while enabling employees to briefly escape and maintaining areas where people could do both; talk shop while playing basketball or sharing a cup of coffee in the cafe. Our team, alongside GoDaddy, determined that the remedy would be creating a custom-built space that enabled both work and play.

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“We want it to be distracting,” was the feedback we received. “We’re here a long time. We work long hours. We like to come out and blow off steam; have a little friendly competition.” 

Friendly competition, we would provide. The new space would contain a fitness area, yoga room, game center, indoor climbing wall, go-kart tracking, outdoor basketball, volleyball courts and a soccer field. If that wasn’t enough, the design also included a full-service kitchen and a giant slide that bridged the first and second floors.

GoDaddy SmithGroup
GoDaddy SmithGroup

With its brand reinforced through the very same creativity it hopes to foster among its clients, GoDaddy’s new Tempe office is a game-changer for the company, its employees, and its new city, contributing to Tempe’s rise as a top tech hub. 

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