Redefining the High Performing Workplace

SmithGroup design experts and workplace strategists came together with leaders from across industries for a two-day workshop. Sessions were devoted to discussing operational and workforce challenges impacting businesses today; delving into trends impacting corporate real estate and development; exploring how physical environments can help or harm occupants’ health and wellbeing; and collaborating on how physical environments can be designed to advance a new era of work. 

Enthusiasm around these topics was electric and sparked compelling dialogue and exploration of many transformative “what if” scenarios. Each scenario addressed key factors that workshop participants felt must be considered when setting out to create a high performing workplace. The following offers a glimpse into the group’s exploration of these topics.

At a think tank in Austin, Texas, SmithGroup design experts and workplace strategists came together with Fortune 500 company leaders for a two-day interactive workshop. 

Redefining the High Performing Workplace Office Design Strategy Lise Neman SmithGroup


As competition to attract and retain top talent continues to intensify, many companies are looking for opportunities to showcase their unique corporate culture while raising the recruiting bar. And the most forward-looking of these enterprises are exploring how their physical workplace can help to improve the employee experience. 

Health and Wellbeing Workplace Office Design Strategy Lise Neman SmithGroup


As we enter a new era of work, we realize that the definition of and focus on employee wellbeing must also evolve. Business leaders looking to create a high performing workforce and workplace must understand how their decisions impact the mental and physical wellbeing for their teams.  

Work-Life Integration and Choices Workplace Office Design Strategy Lise Newman SmithGroup


People are working longer and harder to satisfy their work obligations. Spaces that blur the boundaries between lifestyle and work are becoming the norm.

Redefining the High Performing Workplace Technology Office Design Strategy Lise Neman SmithGroup


As work continues to evolve and transcend traditional workplace boundaries of space and time, technology is becoming increasingly important to the employee experience. The most successful high performing enterprises have uncovered the benefits that come from skillfully balancing high tech and high touch.