John Hrovat

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  • Detroit, MI
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John's interest in the built environment sparked when he was young, exploring construction sites after the workers were gone for the day. "I was inspired by the layers of creativity and skill that ultimately shape peoples' perception. From then on, I knew that I needed to be in that world." Today, John brings decades of design experience on projects as disparate as a leading cancer center, award winning railcar manufacturing plant, even a penguin habitat. He admires architecture with similar dexterity. "One of my favorite buildings is the Eiffel Tower," he says. "It is a terrific example of how architecture can take on new meaning over time, based on how people interact and associate with it. The beautifully raw iron lattice detailing is completely of its time—yet its form is so timeless and iconic you can draw it on a napkin in three strokes." Perhaps that French influence also inspires one of John’s favorite hobbies, winemaking. Like architecture, "It’s creative, it has structure and allows for improvisation to tease out the best results."