Rus Perry

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  • Washington, DC

Rus plays an integral role in supporting the firm's corporate sustainability efforts as a strategic advisor. He is widely regarded as a thought leader on sustainable practices, helping guide the profession and its clients toward a balanced planning approach that views efficient use of resources and other sustainable principles as important components of quality design. "We need to keep true to our beliefs," says Rus. "The environmental sensitivities of the '70s have matured into the robust sustainable design focus of the profession today." Rus has been an active member of the U.S. Green Building Council since 1994 and helped write the LEED Green Building Rating System for Core and Shell buildings (LEED-CS). He has led some of the world's most significant sustainable design projects. "We architects are an optimistic lot," Rus suggests. "We see the world as it is and believe that we can make it better. What better reason is there to go to work in the morning?"