Tony Catchot

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Tony’s life and 30-year professional career have taken him to a lot of places. And as he sees it, his wide-ranging travels and experiences have had a significant influence on his work as a planner, designer and landscape architect. "My early years were spent in and around New Orleans – a very diverse and culturally rich city," explains Tony. "I was also fortunate to have lived and traveled in the great cities of Europe through my middle school and high school years. After a short stint pursuing a medical degree, I discovered the College of Design at Louisiana State University and knew I had found my place in life." Tony’s diverse project portfolio is particularly deep in higher education campus planning and design. His unique combination of private and public experience allows him to address project solutions from a variety of perspectives. Tony often finds inspiration and clarity during his daily commute. "I have the year-round luxury of walking 30 minutes to and from work. It’s a necessary ritual that helps me stay mindful of what’s important in life.  As I like to say about my walks: I leave with problems and arrive with solutions."