Paul Evanoff

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As a senior landscape architect, it's fitting that Paul is inspired by Fredrick Law Olmstead. "Seeing his work today that was his vision back in the early 20th century is remarkable," he says. Paul has worked on a few visionary projects himself, including Crosswinds Marsh Interpretive Park and Preserve, one of the nation's largest and most successful restored wetlands projects. It demanded a sea of regulatory approvals, one of Paul's specialties. As a project manager, he knows precisely how to prepare design and construction documents, and guide paperwork through the necessary agencies. It's the type of behind-the-scenes talent that makes dreams like Crosswinds Marsh become a reality. "The level of expertise that colleagues bring to the table in a collaborative setting is remarkable," notes Paul, part of the SmithGroup team for 28 years. When not on the job, Paul has his eye on another wetlands adventure: canoeing and fishing on the North Slope of Alaska's Brooks Range.