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Jerry is not one to get flustered by the unexpected. "My role requires that I remain flexible and available," he explains. "I rarely find myself working on what I planned to work on in a given day. I like projects that cause me to step out of my comfort zone, and I can work with anyone." Jerry’s role as director of operations for our Dallas office, as well as his leadership of specifications nationally, keep him focused on the success of client projects and the firm’s mission. Says Jerry, "Knowing my abilities contributed to the success of a project is plenty of reward for me." Asked what historical time period he might like to experience, Jerry responds, "Why would I want to go back to a different era? Where I am right now is without a doubt the best place to be. So I’d travel into the future, and hope it only gets better." He’d be sure to grab his golf clubs. "They’re always ready to go," he says, "anywhere, anytime!"