Arnold Levin

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"The only thing constant is change," might be an appropriate slogan for Arnold Levin’s career. For more than 45 years, Arnold has researched, taught and spoken on design strategy and the workplace, exploring how design solutions can be a true catalyst for organizational change. His resume spans three continents with an impressive roster of clients that includes the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Airbus Industries and Barclays Capital. When asked what intrigues him about his career, Arnold simply responds, "Trying to transform our profession. I couldn’t imagine not doing this." While change might happen slower than he’d prefer, Arnold admits to being motivated by "a challenging client who thinks they cannot adapt to change." It seems altogether appropriate that he would also be intrigued by Winston Churchill. “Against all odds, and despite enormous skepticism from his peers, he persevered to save England," says Arnold. One of history’s great game changers, indeed.