Bryan Jehling

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  • Phoenix, AZ
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Bryan has no problem getting down to business. As the firm’s electrical engineering discipline lead working in the Phoenix office, he front loads his daily schedule to coordinate with clients and coworkers in earlier time zones, and front loads his weekly calendar to coordinate with construction schedules. Bryan appreciates being an integral part of SmithGroup’s integrated practice and focuses on building a deep bench of talented electrical engineers who can support the firm’s efforts. "The opportunities are so many—working with multiple studios to serve large, diverse high-profile clients to achieve great end products," he notes. Asked how he’d celebrate being put on the project of his dreams, Bryan responds with this: "I’d start sketching a concept one-line diagram and site electrical distribution, creating guide plates to help inform the physical space requirements in early efforts for the architectural design team." Whew. "Okay," he adds, "maybe I’d also have a non-light beer."