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If not for his role as SmithGroup's Director of Human Resources, Ed could see himself as a psychologist. "After 30 years in HR, you get pretty adept at it," he jokes. Kidding aside, Ed is quite adept at guiding staff development. Ed is responsible for all aspects of the HR function, including compensation administration, benefits, training, recruitment, and legal compliance. He also was instrumental in converting the firm from multiple sources of employee information to a single Human Resources Information System. "HRIS has made us significantly more organized, accurate and efficient, while making the employee's life easier," Ed reports. Just as the firm's Workplace practice addresses the changing work environment, Ed sees rapid transformation continuing within SmithGroup's own offices, too. "I envision the continued migration to a more virtual workforce," he predicts. "I see less travel and more electronic media being used for meetings; less emphasis on having a designated workstation and more instances of working virtually."