Andrew Williams

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When it comes to the expression “thinking outside the box,” Andrew does just that. “Boxes get a bad rap,” he suggests. “They can contain the unexpected.” Andrew’s story certainly contains some unexpected chapters. For one, he spent years tending bar at a place in the Catskill Mountains that he designed and built. More recently, he grew frustrated about the inability to renovate his rental home, “So I bought a used RV, and am renovating that instead,” he reports. Andrew brings his unique style—which he describes as “somewhat traditional with a taste for irreverence”—to the Los Angeles office, where he views his role as Director of Operations as “making connections between people and processes.” When you meet Andrew, be sure to hit him up for some homemade bread: He claims to bake the world’s best sourdough, from his own starter that’s “so sour,” he notes, “she’s named ‘Sassy.’”