Joseph Maytum

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  • Dallas Texas
  • Joseph Maytum Headshot

"Legos!" Joseph responds when asked how he was drawn to architecture. "Early on, I had a deep desire to learn how things get put together." Another childhood memory—accompanying his mother on twice-weekly trips to a hospital to visit her ailing friend—also had a lasting impact, one that led to his emphasis on healthcare. "The smell of the place was horrific, and the two-tone green hospital paint was depressing," he recalls. "I hoped that maybe some day I could change that." Today, Joseph’s work focuses on pediatric healthcare. "I have the privilege to design places where children get treatment for their illnesses, and I try to give them the best, most comfortable buildings for that treatment," he says. "Children are our future great thinkers. We should give them the very best care we can." It can be intense work, but Joseph has a sure-fire way to relax: He heads for his farm in East Texas, where he tackles chores on his tractor and kicks up his heels dancing to rockabilly and blues.