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“There are many roads a college can take to achieve its strategic direction,” notes Frank, an expert at campus strategy. “We use data and analytics to assist colleges in finding the best position and path to reach that destination.” Frank balances all that objective analyses with a deep creative streak. “With some preparation and effort, it’s easy to make creativity a part of one’s work and life, which for me has led to greater success,” he says. Indeed, Frank spent many years learning about the creative process and the magic behind the Disney theme parks.  He also has a history as a professional model builder, creating more than 2,500 scale models that include everything from skyscrapers to amusement parks. Now living near Walt Disney World in Orlando, Frank says he’d like to go back in time to the opening day of Disneyland in 1955 and shake hands with Walt himself. “Mid-century was a time of growth and innocence in the U.S.,” he says, “and exciting architectural styles that I’ve admired for years.”