Dismantling Barrier to Success Part I: Recruiting and Retaining a Diverse Workforce

Breaking barriers smithgroup

Inclusive practices that bring together a range of diverse perspectives yield undeniable benefits. Diverse, inclusive teams outperform homogenous groups and lead to economic growth, increased creativity and innovation, and more effective decision making. But to achieve such success, organizations and leaders must look beyond statistics. How can we create workplace cultures that minimize barriers; attract, empower, and retain diverse talent; and instill collective ownership in common goals?

Discussions regarding equity, diversity and inclusion are gaining prominence in today’s workplace. Therefore, it is important to distinguish the meaning and significance of each of these terms—and how they are interrelated—especially in a city that is experiencing a resurgence.

As professional environments seek to dismantle barriers and promote talent development, this panel discussion will foster an open and honest dialogue that addresses how we can create social, racial, and cultural equity and justice in the workplace, and what changes are required to generate lasting impact.

During this session, we heard from thought leaders representing various markets and companies throughout Metro Detroit. These panelists shared the steps they are taking to cultivate diverse talent pools and invest in career pipelines to create equitable workplace cultures.