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“Every institution exists in a unique environment, so seldom does a ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution work,” suggests Marty. “It requires a special eye to identify and analyze each institution’s circumstances and come up with a one-in-a-million solution for their specific challenge.” Marty’s career path no doubt offers more insights than most. He’s taught at every level from kindergarten to graduate school and served as a university administrator. Fittingly, one of Marty’s favorite buildings is a Frank Lloyd Wright-designed school/playhouse that accompanies the Cooley House in Riverside, Illinois. Marty was so smitten by the stained-glass windows, he painstakingly recreated six of them. That’s in addition to his “profound passion” for woodworking; he’s built custom furniture and cabinets for nearly 40 years. Marty’s also an accomplished pilot, a skill he first learned from his grandfather growing up on a Nebraska farm. “I could fly a plane long before I could drive a car!” he notes.