Juan Fernandez

  • Juan Fernandez Dallas Workplace Studio Leader | SmithGroup
  • Juan Fernandez Workplace Architecture SmithGroup
  • Juan Fernandez SmithGroup Dallas Workplace Studio Leader

How can we make the workplace better? That’s the question Juan asks himself as SmithGroup’s workplace studio leader in the Dallas office. “The workplace is where the majority of one’s time is spent away from home and family,” he notes. Plus Juan appreciates that the projects “are inherently fast-paced and require a unique set of skills to be successful from the client’s perspective.” Juan understands that perspective well, having spent part of his career on the client side, working as an owner’s rep for two of the world’s largest real estate companies before joining SmithGroup. “I love the challenge of creating and managing teams that bring out the best in the final product,” he says. Juan also loves the challenge of mountain climbing, and professes a passion for the outdoors.