Chris Waible

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Chris has an analytical eye. “I’m curious. I’m always looking for the details that make a difference, and then I’m thinking about how to improve them,” he comments. “There’s a lot of momentum pushing our industry toward similar solutions. It’s my goal to uncover the solutions the industry is missing.” One of Chris’s favorite buildings is the Glass Chapel, a community center in Mason’s Bend, Alabama, designed by Samuel Mockbee’s Rural Studio. With its striking roof made from salvaged auto windshields, the building is eye catching, and it plays a strong role,” Chris says. “It’s built with economy at the forefront, it’s creative, and it brings dignity and community to a very modest county. That combination makes it a special project.” Chris’s own creativity might appear as a well-executed golf shot or an improv song—he has been known to create his own lyrics on the fly.