Artificial Intelligence NOW: A SmithGroup Perspectives Event

SmithGroup AI Event DC Perspectives


Artificial intelligence is the future.

Artificial intelligence is science fiction.

Artificial intelligence is already part of our everyday lives.

All the above statements are true, but how does AI impact you?

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are driving a new technological revolution that some experts believe will be more influential than the advent of the internet. But what is AI/ML/DL? And how will it affect you?

Join us and our panel of experts that use AI every day and be inspired to learn innovative approaches that can revolutionize your industry.

Cut through the hype to understand the different AI terminology, gain real-life examples of how various businesses have implemented these technologies, and learn practical ways you can start innovating with these tools NOW! The event will include an opportunity to network with local leaders interested in this field as well as our experienced panelists.