Programming represents one of the first steps in bringing physical form to a project. Fundamentally, the programming process allocates space in the most efficient, effective way possible. It determines the myriad spaces needed to meet the client’s objectives and goals, and then establishes the functional relationships between those spaces. Doing it well demands a deep understanding of the client’s operational needs and aspirations—and the ability to balance those with regulatory and budget requirements. A well-executed final program document provides a full description of the defined spaces, the specific requirements for each room type, and a detailed explanation of how those spaces will operate.

Programming SmithGroup

The more information we can bring to the programming process, the better. With our customized interdisciplinary teams, SmithGroup provides the market expertise and the research tools to glean additional insights. We host interactive programming workshops, review regulatory requirements, and analyze benchmarking data from similar projects.

For clients with existing facilities, we collect post-occupancy data through surveys, or use an immersion process to validate previous design decisions and identify opportunities for improvement. Once underway, the team works with user groups to edit documents live, allowing all participants to follow the project’s evolution in real time.